Working in the Diesel Field

October 9, 2020

Diesel Safety – What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You!

diesel safetyWorking in the Diesel field can be dangerous.  Here are 5 of the major dangers and how to avoid them.

Working in the Diesel field can be dangerous, but following proper safety procedures will help keep you safe.  Interested in learning more about becoming a Diesel technician?

All Oklahoma Technical College students complete their OSHA 10 safety course before they start handling equipment to ensure they are safe from day 1.

1. Back Injuries

Diesel technicians have to lift a lot! The parts of diesel engines can be very heavy.  In addition contortionism is sometimes required to access some of the parts.  This body stress can lead to back pain, muscle pain, and fatigue. Working out, lifting weights, as well as wearing proper support equipment can prevent these injuries.

2. Air quality

Diesel vehicles have some pretty strong emissions. Breathing too much of this can lead to breathing problems and respiratory disease.  To prevent these injuries, avoid being in the smoke in the first place.  If you must be exposed, wear a respirator or breathing mask to filer the air.

3. Heat

There are a lot of hot things in the diesel industry including hot pipes, overheated water units, and engine blocks.  Avoid burning your fingers and toes by wearing heat resistant gloves, steel toed boots and other protective equipment.

4. Smashed Digits

Similar to #1, this is heavy work!  Always make sure you are lifting things safely and that all of your libs are out of the way when you set things down. Drop a heavy part and you may turn your big toe into a pancake!  Steel toed boots and attention to detail will help prevent these accidents.

5. Diesel

Obviously you will be working with this powerful fuel.  It has strong fumes and can absorb into your body causing all kinds of issues. If you are being exposed to fuel, always wear gloves and a respirator mask.

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