How to Change Your Wiper Blades

December 1, 2021

An old piece of wisdom is to change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year at daylight savings time. This can also be applied to your wiper blades. Clear vision while driving is a critical component to safety. 

STEP 1 – Remove Wiper Blade

Most wiper blades can be removed by lifting the wiper arm, pulling up on the retaining clip, and sliding the wiper arm back toward the wiper arm base.

STEP 2 – Inspect Blade For Damage

Once off the arm, the blade should be inspected for damage, torn rubber on the blade surface, or any other mechanical damage. 

STEP 3 – Attach New Wiper Blade

New blades can be installed by sliding the wiper arm into the clip area and pulling the wiper arm back until the new blades clicks into position. 

Always test the wiper operation after replacement to ensure good contact. Better to find out now than in a downpour.

Check out our “Monthly Maintenance Minute” video for more on changing your wiper blades!

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