Diesel Careers

The Power of a Career in Diesel

The Power of a Career in Diesel

Roaring trucks, giant engines running hot and hard… The world of diesel is oversized, loud, intense and challenging in the best possible way. And diesel technicians are in demand today — the field is growing faster than the national average. That makes it a great career choice for anyone who loves working hands-on with engines of all sizes.

The daring men and women who train as diesel technicians and mechanics enjoy the rare privilege of working on the bad boys of the vehicle world. That means digging into, inspecting, repairing, and overhauling the engines of 18-wheelers, buses, and other passenger vehicles, mobile equipment such as bulldozers and cranes, commercial boats, pickups, and other work trucks. Needless to say, it takes expertise and solid skills as well as a love of large machines to be successful in a diesel-related career.


Here at Oklahoma Technical College, our Diesel Technology program teaches you how to expertly handle these big, specialized engines through plenty of hands-on, direct experience and practice. As a student, you will learn the ins and outs of inspecting engines, diagnosing and repairing problems, conducting failure analysis and performing preventative maintenance. You’ll come away with knowledge of areas such as electronic circuits, cooling systems, truck brake systems, steering and drive trains, hydraulics, trailer service, converters, and alignment.

Our diesel technology students train extensively in our fully stocked machine shop, which features two full-size big rigs to work on, as well as multiple diesel engines for you to practice on. It’s a setup similar to what you’ll encounter in the real world after you graduate, making you ready to step into your new job with confidence and experience from day one.

Diesel Mechanics looking at computerOur program can be completed in as little as eight and a half months, preparing you and training you fully to take on a job in an industry where trained technicians are in demand. And when you have completed your program, we’ll give you a kit stocked full of tools to help get you started in your new career — including a Snap-On Blue Point tool chest, sockets, wrenches, power tools, and more.


Upon completion of the Diesel Technology program, our Career Services department can assist you in connecting with potential employers.


For students who qualify, Oklahoma Technical College offers in-house scholarships. And if you plan to apply for financial aid, we will help you every step of the way during the federal application process. To learn more about how we can help you for a career in diesel technology, contact us at 918-895-7000 or request information today. We’d love to answer your questions and get you ready for your future.

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