Electrical Safety Tips

November 8, 2019

4 Tips for Electrical Safety

The discovery of electricity changed the course of human history forever; our modern lives are shaped around it. We all know electricity is a powerful force, but do we really understand how to practice good electrical safety habits?

We asked one of our Electrical Technology instructors, Larry, if he had any safety tips about electricity. Here’s what he said!

To begin, he reminds us that electrical safety is up to you – the individual!

  1. Be cautious when using electrical appliances around wet areas. The combination of electricity and water creates a risk of electrocution. Dry the area first!
  2. Ground fault circuit interrupters save lives – always use them! (Without them, it can literally shock you) Ground fault circuit interrupters – or GFCI – is a sensing device that monitors a circuit. Should the voltage take an unintended path, such as the human body, the device will shut itself off in a fraction of a second. It also does so before current levels get high enough to cause pain.
  3. Work on circuits that are proven de-energized. Electricians have a variety of test equipment to tell if a circuit is energized or de-energized – voltage sensors, voltage testers and multimeters. These meters individually can be placed on a circuit to tell one if the circuit is live or dead.
  4. Small space heaters are for temporary and supervised use. Don’t go to sleep with them on! Unattended space heaters have caused many house fires and have cost people their lives. It’s not worth the risk!

Protect yourself and those around you from an electrical accident. Practice good electrical habits and stay safe!

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