Diesel Tech Careers

November 5, 2021

Careers in Diesel Tech Are Still A Part of Our Future

The career outlook for Diesel Technicians in the day we live in is far more relevant to the future than you may know! Even though the electrical drive era is fast coming upon us the need for continued service of diesel engines and the equipment they power is a long ways from any demise.

For many years the cycle of diesel technician replacement in the field has varied from 12,500 annually in the 80’s to almost 30,000 in present day and the fact that many of the positions filled by baby boomers is changing rapidly as retirement is now the present focus making right now a great time for getting ready to enter a career with many opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics presently shows about 28,100 openings are currently projected each year that yields a far better job frequency than other occupations with close to the same median annual range of $50,200 as reported by the B.L.S.

If becoming a diesel technician sounds like it might be right for you, check out Oklahoma Technical College’s Diesel Technology program. You could be on your way to a new career in as little as 8 months!




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