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Where A Career in Welding Can Take You

Does anyone know of someone who has seen the Seven Wonders of the World and then some? Been in the most desolate lands on the planet, whether hot or cold? How about someone who escapes death day after day due to specific safety training only select groups of people receive? Do you know anyone who makes 3,500 degree molten metal stick to the bottom of another piece of steel and makes it look pretty, yet strong enough to withstand the forces of nature and the most important, smooth enough for your children to play on. Yes, you guessed it, they are welders.


We use something manufactured by welders every day, whether it be your cereal box or the playground you take your children to. Wait, cereal box? Yep. Opening the bag of cereal is tough because the plastic is actually welded together through a process called automation (thermal fusion). This just means the particles in the plastic are fused with other particles in the plastic, causing a tight seal. The type of welding used to make a playground is called manual welding, the kind you usually think of. Welding is the process to join, or bond, two similar or dissimilar metals or other materials together.

Welding can take you places, economically and geographically. With a career in welding you have the opportunity to work everywhere. This gives welders some stories to tell! I was lucky enough to be able to obtain a few of those stories myself. Such as going to Israel and learning that the West wall of Jerusalem was named the Weeping Wall after the Romans breached it and the temple there was destroyed. I’ve also heard quite a few stories myself, such as how much steel it took to build the New Orleans super dome. The stories could go on and on. There are no limits to what you can do as a welder, or all the years you will be able to tell your own stories. So why not get on board and join in on the group talks!

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