A World of Welders

July 10, 2014

Created By Welders

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has used something created by a welder. Most don’t realize how welders impact our everyday life. Most don’t realize how important those in welding careers are!

You handle things created by a metal craftsman regularly. When you get up and start your car in the morning, or when you have friends over for a bar-b-que, you have utilized something created by a welder. Or when you look at the weather forecasts, or watch a space shuttle flight, you have utilized something created by a welder.

It is a sure thing, that no mater where you are, from the bottom of the ocean, to outer space and anywhere in between, you will be utilizing a welding process.

Skyscrapers, boats, military defense, water, gas and electricity are all provided and maintained by a welder. Can you imagine where we would be in a world without welding? It may look something like this…

the croodsOklahoma Technical College takes pride in educating the welders of tomorrow, so we will never have to live in a world with out welding.