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The Wide World of Welded Art

When you think of welding, what do you think of? The process used to build bridges, repair fences, construct skyscrapers? The answer really is infinite. (You can see our previous post to get a picture of where we’d be without welding)

Welding opens up a world of possibilities, even artistic ones. Many sculptors turn to welding to construct their works of art, and many welders create their own art pieces using this medium.

Here are 5 examples to show you what all is possible in the welding art world.

Welded CatThis welded cat is comprised of things you may find laying around your garage, and it’s pretty great.
handicraft - forged roseIt’s almost hard to believe that this rose is comprised completely of metal. Such fine craftsmanship!
Welded headCan you tell what this sculpture is made ? Chains welded and sculpted together!
welded benchThis welded bench is more than just a bench, it’s a work of art!
IMG_3174We can’t forget maybe one of the most well-known welded art pieces, Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” located in Chicago!

These are just a few examples to show what all is possible with welding. What welded art pieces do you love?

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