Women in Welding

March 9, 2015

Welding Careers for Women

Welding just isn’t for the boys anymore. The number of women entering the male dominated field of welding is rapidly increasing, with due reason. Good welders are always in high demand and they don’t get paid too badly, either. With the building demand for Tradeswomen and the shortage of qualified welders in America, why wouldn’t women join the fun?

women welders

It is true that the welding world is dominated by men, and it is not usually a job you think of women doing, but they can and will do it. Many women have already infiltrated this career, and are having great success at it. According to the “American Welder”, approximately 6 percent of the welders in the United States are women. Many in the welding industry believe that women possess the characteristics that make up a good welder, including great hand-eye coordination and patience. There is room in the field for women welders.

Just as welding is not just for boys, it is not just working in a fabrication shop either. With a career in welding you can work in ship building and repair, military support, on-board ship building and repair, pipeline insulation, repairing cars (including NASCAR), in underwater welding, and much more. Welding can take you all over the world. You can try your hand at any of the aforementioned trades or branch out on your own to do what you want. A lot of art and sculptures are done through welding. I bet you did not put welding and art in the same frame, they actually go hand in hand!

Whether men or women, and regardless of skill level, welding is a growing and lucrative field. Don’t let the stereotypes of the past hinder the growth of your future!

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