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The Benefits You Get from Our Welding Program

Those unfamiliar with the trade of the journeyman welder may think of it as simple and unremarkable, but the field of technical welding is anything but plain or uninteresting. Welders have one of the most essential jobs in the world, one that is hands on and endless in its possibilities for making a living. Whether you’re rebooting your career path or just out of high school, welding may be just the thing for you. Here are some reasons why.

benefits from weld tech

No matter what the future holds, anything built from metal requires welders to assemble it and maintain it, and that means lots of jobs in this field are available. The construction of skyscrapers, cruise ships and airplanes could not be accomplished unless a welder was involved. Power plants, pipelines, the automotive industry and robotics also require the steady hand of the journeyman welder who knows how to forge metals.

Plus, there are amazing traveling opportunities, where a welder can make a whole lot of money. All over the world, oil and gas pipelines exist and they either need to be constructed or repaired by welders. Ship building and maintenance can also take a welder around the globe. Destroyers and other military ships must be built and maintained during times of peace or wartime. Commercial cruise ships also hire welders to stay on call if some part of the ship needs to be repaired at a moment’s notice, while cruising exotic locations. Working on an oil rig can also take you to parts of the world you never dreamed visiting.

Careers for welders can even take you someplace you might never think of, and that’s the world of auto racing. Team owners in NASCAR and other motor sports hire welders as part of their pit crews. Racing cars are built from the ground up. That means a lot of welding is needed to meet all sorts of specifications. Even during the actual races themselves, repairs have to be done on the spot. A skilled welder, then, becomes essential to winning the checkered flag.

OTC welding

Maybe the most exciting part of becoming a welder is that in less than a year, you’ll be on your way to an exciting new career.. Getting a welding education at Oklahoma Technical College will provide you with the training needed to succeed in one of the most exciting, in-demand fields there is.

The instructors at OTC take special interest in every one of their students. They provide interactive, hands-on, one-on-one instruction, which is different from traditional colleges and universities. With newly acquired welding knowledge and skills such as FCAW, GMAW (MIG), SWAW (Stick) and GTAW (TIG) welding, you’ll be ready for your new career the day you graduate. Flexible class schedules help OTC students who have full-time jobs and families, clearing the way to a successful career in welding as soon as possible.  

To learn more about Oklahoma Technical College’s technical welding program, request more info today or call us at 918-895-7500. We are ready to train you for your future success.

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