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June 27, 2018

Welding Art: The True Story of Lightning, Metal and Sweat

Learn Welding Art at Welding School. At Oklahoma Technical College we have the pleasure of ensuring our students come away with a marketable set of skills and to give them the tools they need to succeed in their chosen profession. The following blog showcases what can be done in welding but not what we teach at our welding school. These projects were done by Faculty and Students and are extracurricular in nature.

In my humble opinion we have some of the most talented welders in Tulsa if not on the planet. Seeing the projects that come out of the welding department are awe inspiring and likely the closest thing on earth to a metal Van Gogh. The Students and Faculty prove there is an immeasurable amount of skill and patience the average individual does not possess.

Welding School is Literally Lit Fam

OTC is the best Tulsa Welding School
Chuck Norris Would be Proud

The first in our showcase is our featured image. To see this in a picture and in person are two different experiences. The welding department of OTC created this jaw dropping functional artistic piece for the Swings Fore Scholarships golf tournament hosted by none other than Oklahoma Technical College. The tournament, held annually, benefits the scholarship funds we make available to students. OTC’s parent company, Community HigherEd, is a 501(3)(c) not for profit charity. It was a raffle prize in the tournament and very much the coup de gras of the day.

Tulsa Welding School OTC Oklahoma Technical College
Just look at it!

The precision craftsmanship on display here is out of this world and certainly left my jaw on the floor. Hand welded beads make up the bark design that the students painstakingly laid down. All grills have to have a lid handle, so keeping with the motif of fresh timber, they decided to go with a welded-in-place hatchet and handle. It features a man-law 900° fahrenheit grill thermometer, custom log base and an american size helping of next-level epicness. If Chuck Norris were to Google grill, this grill comes up. Most art is great to look at, and while this is most definitely art, it is functional as well. As the kids say, This thing is literally lit (charcoal not included).

Fashionably Lit:

OTC = the best Tulsa Welding School
These are lit

Next up are a few silent auction prizes, made for our Clary Sage College brethren, for Clary Runway. The annual fashion show showcases our fashion students’ designs and all proceeds benefit the scholarship funds as well. If you want to have a night out at a splendid party, make the date available this fall and join us there. Our department head, Rod Riggs, designed and made these custom cigar ashtrays. Speaking of Rod, if you enjoy the pieces showcased here you really need to follow this man’s instagram. The only thing to say about these: they spin! They rotate on planetary gear sets from our automotive department. Another fine example of craftsmanship and attention to detail our welding department puts in every one of their welds.

I Sense A Disturbance in the Force:

OTC Welding School Tulsa

If you have been following our events page (seriously, bookmark it) you know this past weekend Oklahoma Technical College hosted the Domestic Disturbance Car Show and it was a blast. Check out the blog on the car show for results and the story of why the car show has a special place in our hearts. Of course, you can’t have a car show without trophies, and this being a blog about welding, guess who made the trophies… yes, that’s right. The welding department created three amazing trophies for participants of the car show and guess what… it spins! Follow us on social media and bookmark  the blog for an update of the results of the car show



Thank You for Your Service:

OTC Welding School Tulsa
By Derek Caudle

Last in our showcase is the amazing flag made by Derek Caudle for Rod Riggs who is a retired veteran of the Navy. Rod, from all of us here, Thank you for your service. It was presented to Rod after Derek graduated from his welding class. Rod, as his students and co-workers well know, holds the flag in high esteem. If you have a question about flag etiquette, ask Rod. Derek created this flag from horseshoes and hand painted it knowing how important the flag is to him. Thank you Derek, from all of us at Oklahoma Technical College, for honoring our favorite Welding Department Head… Wait, what? We only have one department head? He is still our favorite!

In Memoriam:

I’m positive I am using that correctly. That does it for this presentation of Welding Art with OTC but stay tuned next time as our welding department recreates Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Just kidding. But seriously, follow our blog because I can be certain of this: there will be more art.

Learn Welding Art at Welding School!

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