Diesel Technology Training Program

April 7, 2021

Is Diesel Technology Right for You

Looking for a career after high school? Looking for a career change? Becoming a diesel technician could be a great fit for you. Diesel technicians perform maintenance and repair work on diesel vehicles and trucks. Here are four reasons why this career could be the right choice for you. 

You like to work with your hands

If a day in front of a computer or sitting in a cubicle doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you may prefer a job with more activity. Diesel technicians spend a lot of time on their feet, moving around, and working with their hands. If the idea of getting your hands dirty sounds good, then this career could be right for you. 

You enjoy mechanics

If you like taking things apart and putting them together, you may be well suited for work in the diesel industry. Diesel technicians have a good understanding of how cars and trucks work in order to repair and keep them running well. For someone who enjoys the puzzle of figuring out how things work and tinkering, diesel is a great choice. 

You like variety

Because every vehicle is different, no two days as a diesel technician are the same. There will be plenty of processes that you will repeat, but each vehicle brings something unique to the table. What works on one vehicle might not work on another. 

You’re looking for a higher-paying career

While many of these skills and duties are similar to other positions, diesel technicians make more money working in their specialization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, diesel technicians earned a median annual salary of about $47,000 in 2018 – or an hourly rate of almost $23. 


If becoming a diesel technician sounds like it might be right for you, check out Oklahoma Technical College’s Diesel Technology program. You could be on your way to a new career in as little as 8 months!

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