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Diesel Engines vs Gas Engines

Diesel, Gas, gasoline, fuel, fuel efficiency, mechanic, diesel mechanic, tune up, technician, OTC, Oklahoma Technical College. Tulsa, grease, tools, peterbuilt, tractors, trailers, Are Diesel engines more fuel efficient than Gasoline engines? That is something diesel technicians get asked all the time. The answer: yes.

The conventional trade-off between spark-ignited gasoline engines and compression-ignition diesel engines is that diesels are significantly more efficient—on the order of 30%. One reason for this is that diesel fuel is more energy dense by volume. More energy density translates into better fuel economy.

Even though gasoline is cheaper at the pump this does not mean that it is cheaper to run. A typical gasoline vehicle of the same class as a diesel pickup will get 250-300 miles per tank of gas, whereas the diesel model will get 350-400 miles per tank. Better fuel economy equals out to fewer trips to the gas station!

Do you prefer gasoline-powered vehicles or diesel powered vehicles?

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