Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You!

Working in the Electrical field can be dangerous.  Here are 5 of the major dangers and how to avoid them.


1. Slips & Falls

Electricians often work far off the ground, so as a result one of the most common causes of death in the field are actually do to falls. Certain weather conditions can increase the likeliness of slips and falls. protect yourself by always wearing the proper footwear for the job environment, opt for polyurethane soles for added durability.

2. Electrocution

An electrical impulse as small as 14 milliamps can be lethal.  It’s important to double check that all power sources are turned off! Wear protective equipment on the job such as high voltage gloves.

3. Burns

Electrical burns can also be serious. Staying constantly aware of your surroundings and avoiding going into autopilot mode can be an excellent way to avoid getting burned.

4. Electrical Explosions

Occasionally, electrical explosions can happen on the job. Wearing protective gear such as safety glasses, helmets and high voltage gloves is critical. It’s also important to have your equipment inspected regularly.

5. Environmental Hazards

It’s common for certain job sites to contain things like lead soldering as well as asbestos which can lead to cancer and other lung diseases. Electricians should wear respirators when exposed to job sites such as these. Seeing a doctor regularly can help detect and prevent health issues caused on the job.


Working in the Electrical field can be dangerous, but following proper electrical safety procedures will help keep you safe.  Interested in learning more about becoming an Electrical technician?  Visit www.oklahomatechnicalcollege.com All Oklahoma Technical College students complete their OSHA 10 safety course before they start handling equipment to ensure they are safe from day 1.