Diesel Tech Program Delivers the Goods

May 6, 2015

Diesel Technology Program at OTC

Diesel Technology program at OTC will show you how to work on one-ton Chevy’s or Ford’s, and the medium to heavy duty classes and OTR trucks!

Ever wonder how our stuff gets to us, such as food, furniture, clothing and numerous other things? This is something we as consumers take for granted. When we want our stuff we sometimes don’t realize the journey it takes to get here. Did you know that most everything you have was brought to you by an over-the-road (OTR) truck?

how our stuff gets to us - oklahoma technical college

Now what is an OTR truck? An OTR travels from coast to coast delivering our stuff to major outlets such as department stores, grocery stores and distribution centers. Have you ever seen an airplane in a Wal-Mart parking lot delivering its payload? How about a locomotive pulling up to the post office dropping off the mail run? A huge tanker ship docking at the gas station and re-filling the holding tanks? Nope. You won’t see it either. All of these things are delivered to your local store through OTR trucking.

These trucks are how America gets its products and without them the nation would come to a screeching halt, commerce would come to a standstill and we wouldn’t get our “stuff”. We definitely want to keep these trucks up and running. Our Diesel Technology program will show you how to work on those one-ton Chevy’s or Ford’s, and the medium to heavy duty classes and OTR trucks!

So the next time you see a big eighteen wheeler and think it’s just in your way or maybe going to slow, here’s a little food for thought, it may be carrying some of the stuff you want, need, or would like to have on it.

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