How To Prepare Your Diesel Truck for Winter

December 16, 2014



How to prepare your diesel truck for winter weather

As temperatures begin to drop, there are some simple steps that can help keep your diesel truck at peak performance during those frigid winter months:

1. Engine

Diesel engines may be difficult to start during the winter months, because higher cylinder temperatures are needed for the engine to start. Last month we talked about a block heater; this may be a solid investment if prolonged operation in cold temperatures is in your future. If you have a vehicle equipped with glowplugs it is good to have them tested for proper operation before winter starts.

2. Cooling System 

It is vital to make sure and pay extra attention to your cooling system as the winter months approach. It is common for water to be added in place of coolant in a pinch, but if too much water is added it weakens the strength of the coolant and can cause some serious issues.

3. Fuel Filter and Fuel Water Separator 

Fuel filters and fuel water separators are designed to protect your engine from contamination in the fuel reaching your engine. Water can build up in the water separator and prolonged lack of maintenance can lead to freezing and gelling of the fuel. Make sure you change these out before they cause more damage than necessary.

4. Batteries 

When cold temperature are present batteries tend to drain more rapidly so it is important to have your battery checked to ensure that it is in good working condition.

The tips listed above are easy and inexpensive tips that can help you to prevent getting stranded and prolong the life of your diesel vehicle.

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