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Become an HVAC/R Technician

I know that when a lot of people envision doing a hands-on job they don’t always think of a career in HVAC/R. I want to change that. There are so many benefits to working as an HVAC/R Technician and not nearly enough of us to take advantage of them. Do you want a job that’s financially stable in a growing career field? Do you want to avoid being chained to a desk doing busy work for the rest of your life? Of course, you do. Let’s quickly run through the 5 major reasons why you should become an HVAC/R technician.

1.Rapid Job Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average rate of job growth for all occupations from 2016 to 2026 will be 7 percent. Jobs for HVAC technicians are expected to grow by 15 percent during the same amount of time. That is more than twice the average for other jobs. This will result in more jobs than there will be workers to fill the positions. And do you know what this means? More jobs for you. Don’t wait for your career to take off, make it happen now and take advantage of the upcoming industry growth.


2. Industry Secret

The HVAC industry is in the process of converting over from 2020 banned production R-22 refrigerant to an environment-friendly R-410A refrigerant. Considerable system changes are needed because R-22 and R-410A refrigerants are not compatible and can’t be mixed in the same HVAC system. R-22 system owners will find it necessary to replace an old R-22 system, with a new R-410A HVAC system. Let me simplify this for you. There will be installations for as far as the eye can see and not nearly enough HVAC/R Techs to perform the work. This switch will increase the need for more skilled HVAC/R techs.

3. You Can Become an HVAC/R Technician in as Little as 11 Months

You want change and you want it fast. How does a new career in under a year sound? While becoming an HVAC/R means a lifetime of good and honest work, that doesn’t mean it has to come from a long training time. At OTC, our instructors are dedicated to providing future HVAC/R techs with thorough training is as little as 11 months.

OTC HVAC/R Students Taking Notes
OTC HVAC/R Students Taking Notes

4. Immediate Gratification

When you can show up to a job and within hours see the labor of your hard work, it makes it all worth it. That sense of accomplishment you feel when you fix something or change something for the better, can’t be matched. HVAC/R Technicians know this feeling well and they get to relive it every day, on every job.

5. Stay Active Even on The Job

When most people go to work, they’re heading to a job where they will sit at a desk for 8 or more hours. If you like the idea of staying active, even on the job, becoming an HVAC/R Technician might just be the right move for you.
Staying active on a job can:

  • Reduce the risk of weight gain
  • Lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease

Bonus! Diverse Work Experience

Many people think that HVAC/R technicians only repair air conditioning units. While fixing air conditioners is typically the main priority of HVAC/R techs, it’s definitely not their only job. Besides heating and air, HVAC/R professionals are also informed and experienced with refrigeration installation and maintenance services. Diversifying your skills as an HVAC/R technician will allow you to do more jobs and maintain an active and diverse work life.

Interested in taking advantage of the upcoming industry growth for HVAC/R technicians? Act now and call us to learn more about our HVAC/R program. 918.895.7500

From the desk of Richard Shepherd, OTC HVAC/R program Department Head and Instructor

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