Oil Change Tips

April 9, 2014

Oil ChangeIt’s a simple process that is inexpensive to have done, but raises a lot of questions.  How often should I have my car’s oil changed? Should I use synthetic oil or regular oil? Learn about oil changes.

To start with, determine the proper oil change interval for your car. To do this simply refer to the vehicle owner’s manual. What? You don’t have one? If it is missing from your glove compartment invest in one. They are available from the car dealer or from some on-line sources. It will state the number of miles you should drive between oil changes and differentiate between normal driving conditions and sever driving conditions.

The owner’s manual will also indicate the type and weight of oil that is best for your car.  You know, 10w 40 vs 5w 30 etc. Some vehicles have benefited two or more miles per gallon of gasoline by switching to pure synthetic motor oil!

Now, how soon should you have your oil changed? The newest cars are smart enough to inform the driver when the car needs an oil change – that may not happen for ten thousand miles- and older cars manuals will let you know. Don’t go cheap on a car’s oil change and keep good records. Lack of periodic oil changes could void your new car’s power train warranty.

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