Don’t Be That Guy

October 28, 2016

You all know him, right? That guy… The one who sweats on the gym equipment and then doesn’t wipe it off, who parks his car across two parking spots, who always somehow forgets his wallet so you have to cover his meal.

Yeah. That guy. You can tell him all you want that he’s making a mistake, but he just doesn’t seem to catch on.

But let’s face it. That guy is everywhere, especially in the world of work. And he doesn’t exactly do well on the job, for obvious reasons. I mean, would you hire this guy?


Sure, he’s talented in his own way. His mother must be proud. But if you’re an employer thinking about issuing a paycheck, you might think twice about keeping a shovel surfer like this around.

You might also be reluctant to hire these guys. Unlike the guy above, who’s hardly working, these guys are working a little too hard. They sure aren’t working smart.


Skilled laborers and workers with highly specialized skills like you find in the automotive, diesel, HVAC/refrigeration and welding industries are building careers in multiple technical fields, providing opportunities for their future. But training that gets you ready to do well not only could get you hired; it keeps you safe on the job too. Know-how and expertise can make the difference between you being a success and you being these guys:


Nobody wants that.

At Oklahoma Technical College, you can receive thorough, well-planned training for your chosen career. Our instructors can teach you marketable skills and prepare you for successful careers with employers who want employees who can handle a shovel properly, work smarter not harder, and don’t blow things up by accident. We can get you ready to have a technical job with potential possibilities.

In other words, we’ll keep you from being this guy.



To find out more about a real technical career in automotive, diesel, HVAC/refrigeration or welding, contact us today to request more information or schedule a tour of our Tulsa campus. Let us help you go further in your career.