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Auto technicians of today are highly skilled men and women you trust to fix your vehicle – but it’s so much more than that. The first thing a technician has to do to get you on the road to repair is interpret your concerns. They have to figure out what you mean when you say, “It makes a weird noise when I turn left.” A service writers interpenetration on what the customer said, and what exactly is really going on with your vehicle really makes a difference.

One of the first things your technician might do to test your car to see what’s happening is attach a code reading scanner to your car. The scanner will diagnose the problem and generate a code looking something like this – P0174. The P0174 code means your O2 (oxygen) sensor needs replacing. Done. Well, not really. The technician has to find the root cause as to why the O2 sensor code is popping up.

Technicians have to read and interpret information from other sensors and systems and then make a diagnoses. After reading these other systems, they find the root of the concern is a plugged fuel filter, not the O2 sensors that the codes were for. The technicians then replace a $20.00 fuel filter, instead of two $80-$250 oxygen sensors. Fixing the real problem and saving you money. Win, win.

So you see, other than proper automotive training, there are two things every good technician must have, communication skills and problem solving ability.

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