Save On Utility Bills

November 20, 2019

4 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bill


Who doesn’t love saving money? For the frugal people out there, we have thrown together a short list of quick and simple things you can do to save on your electricity bill.

1. Unplug your small items when not in use.

Lamps, blenders, and phone chargers are the types of things that fall into this category. It can be easy to forget to unplug your hair dryer in the morning or leave your coffee maker plugged in all day long. But leaving these plugged in actually drains your electricity. Remembering to unplug these will save you on your next bill. (If you are thinking about unplugging some bigger appliances, do some research and make sure each item is safe – or worth it – to unplug.)

2. Turn down your air conditioning (or dare to turn it off altogether).

For those of you that spend the majority of your day outside of the house, consider turning down your air conditioning while you are gone (or programming it to only turn on while you are at home). Allowing your air conditioning unit to work less will cost you less in the long run. 

3. Turn off lights whenever possible.

This is a simple one, but candles and natural light are great replacements for electrical lighting. Remember to turn off lights whenever you are not in the room, whether that’s the kitchen light, the garage light, or the Christmas lights.

4. Change your air filter as needed.

An air conditioning and heating system needs the correct amount of air flow for efficiency and proper operation. A dirty or clogged filter makes the system work harder and longer – which means higher utility bills – and can cause a system breakdown and even require a service repair call.

These are a few tips to get you started on your journey to savings. Maybe make it a challenge to see how inexpensive you can get your bill!

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